COPIPE algorithm hierarchy

Program directory contents

At this time there are no programs or scripts outside of COPIPE that are required for its 
successful, automated, production operation.

Program hierarchy

All IRAF/GRASP programs called by COPIPE are located in grasp/pipeline.


Output hierarchy

The output generated by COPIPE, when according to operating instructions is organized as follows:
        CAMOFFSET:   is run from this directory
 	|-- mrcoyYYMMDD: an ASCII text file containing the OFFSET coefficients of all the sites for each network day
        |-- mrhiyYYMMDD: an ASCII text file containing the OFFSET coefficients used to produce the mrcoyYYMMDD files
        |-- mrqayYYMMDD: an ASCII text file which captures detailed processing output useful in solving problems
        |-- mrsysYYMMDD: an ASCII text file where system warnings are stored for each seven day processing run
        |-- monthly plot files (i.e. BBm049.plt): 3-d graphs of the offset angles for each site month 

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