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Purpose: Driftsum is used to do the preliminary processing of driftscan images.

Driftsum applies the appropriate camera corrections to each of the first four images of a north (or south) drift sequence. It then combines these images and averages the 6 bands (Plus data) or 3 bands (Classic data) to produce a single drift image. Driftsum continues through the input list until all of the images have been processed.

A schematic showing how the code produces a single processed drift image is shown here: Building A Drift Scan

NOTE: The number of input images must be a multiple of 5. If this is not true, driftsum will terminate with this error message: Number of images must be a multiple of 5!

Driftsum copies a number of header keywords from the input images to processed drift images:Added header keywords

The resulting images are used as input to driftred.

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