mrmap: Synoptic Maps algorithm hierarchy

The Synoptic Map software creates synoptic maps based on the Carrington coordinate system in a 360 X 180 pixel grid. All images from the six GONG sites are merged for the Carrington rotation period.

Program directory contents

After the magmap_synop.YYYYMMDD.tar.Z file has been uncompressed and untarred, you should end up with a structure shown here:
	 |-- All IRAF CL scripts and accompanying par files, plm trim files for
	 	the remapping process, time files and a cosine taper filter.

Program hierarchy

There is no main script that calls both subscripts; they are separate steps of the process that are to be run independently. The subscripts do need to be run as sequentially shown.

|	|
|	|
|	|
|	|->HGREMAP: requires plm_trim file plm11
|	|
|	|--requires the following ASCII files: carr_rotation and cos_taper.fits

Output hierarchy

mrmapYYMMDD.fits : Synoptic map FITS file created for a Carrington rotation period with GONG+ magnetograms.

Program descriptions

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