mrvdt: Merged Day Complex SHT Time Series

A network day time series (mrvdt) is created by merging the contemporaneous mode coefficients from site days that contribute to the network day using a weighted average at each time sample based on the Modulation Transfer Function and its estimated error.

Inclusive times can be found in the FITS header keywords TS_START and TS_END. The data product is identified by its date.

Dimensionally, the x-axis is time (sec) and the y-axis is the order of the spherical harmonic, M, from 0 to l. The z-axis contains the real [*,*,1], and imaginary parts [*,*,2]. The window function is contained in the last row of the image. The real part of the row containing the window function is the observed window function and the imaginary part is the window function after it has been gapfilled.

Starting with network day 960606, these data products were no longer archived to a DSDS tape. l-nu diagrams are still produced.

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