Operator Instructions For Ronchifit

Once a ronchi data set has been processed through ronchical, the resulting images need to be run through ronchifit.
Ronchifit requires only 2 parameters: The basic steps are then:
  1. A list of the input, calibrated ronchi images.
  2. The name of the ronchi history file where the results of the calculations performed by ronchifit are written.
  3. A third, optional, parameter is available: verbose
    If the operator want to have the results printed to the screen as each ronchi image is processed, then he/she can add verbose+ to the command line used to start ronchifit.
  4. An example is shown below:
  5. ronchifit tcrci*fits out=tdrch030612 verb-
  6. Sit back and let it run....

Last updated by Cliff Toner on Tuesday, October 01, 2005, 14:30