Operator Instructions For Roanalyze

Running roanalyze is really quite simple.

It has 8 input parameters shown below:

       infile = "udrch021215"   Input file name (output by ronchifit)
       (nsine = 5)              Number of sine waves to fit?
      (nsigma = 3.)             Number of sigmas for rejection of bad points
        (plot = yes)            Generate output plot?
      (device = "stdgraph")     Graphics output device
      (update = no)             Update Ronchi data file?
      (rofile = "home$drift/ronchi.dat") Full path/name of Ronchi data file (AS
     (verbose = yes)            Operate in verbose mode?
The operator needs to:
  1. "Feed" the routine the name of the "rch" file.

  2. Experiment with the value of nsine to determine how many sine waves are required to adequately model the observations. (To do this, plot will need to be set to yes, and device should be set to "stdgraph" so that the output is to the screen rather that to a printer, and update should be set to no.)

  3. Once the correct parameters have been determined, run roanalyze one more time with device = lwxx, where xx is the printer number, and set update=yes)

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