hic: Calibration Processing History

hic is the processing history file produced by VMBICAL. The history file includes a record of which files were processed, values of site-dependent parameters used in the processing, calibration information, a log of GRASP modules called by VMBICAL (including time stamps), and reprocessing history.

hiz is the processing history file produced by the GEOMPIPE subsystem of VMBICAL. The hiz processing history file includes the date of processing, names of the flat field image and the magnetogram flat field image used, image subsection used, GPFLAT, GEOM, and HGEOM parameters, and the list of QA parameter files generated for this stage.

For data prior to 960801, VMBICAL and GEOMPIPE were separate reduction stages. This data will have separate processing history files for the VMBICAL and GEOMPIPE stages. Data after this date will have these files combined in the hic file and no separate hiz file will exist. In fact, the entirety of the contents of the siteday control directory are now stored in the hic file.

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