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Posters from SPD Meeting, Las Cruces, NM, June 2011

Full-Disk Solar H-alpha Images from GONG
J. Harvey, J. Bolding, R. Clark, D. Hauth, F. Hill, R. Kroll, G. Luis, N. Mills, T. Purdy, C. Henney, D. Holland, J. Winter
Solar Subsurface Vorticity of Emerging Active Regions
R. Komm, R. Howe, F. Hill
Deep Meridional Flow Measurements from GONG: Temporal and Depth Variations
S. Kholikov, J. Leibacher, F. Hill
Meridional circulation measurements from 15 years of GONG
A. Serebryanskiy, S. Kholikov, J. Jackiewicz, F. Hill, I. González Hernández
The B0 angle effect in local helioseismology inferences of meridional circulation: using artificial data to model it
I. González Hernández, T. Hartlep, S. Kholikov, F. Hill
First Steps toward Seismic Holography of the Tachocline
Manuel Díaz Alfaro, F. Pérez Hernández, I. González Hernández, C. Lindsey
Large-scale Zonal Flows During the Solar Minimum-Where Is Cycle 25?
F. Hill, R. Howe, R. Komm, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard, T. P. Larson, J. Schou, M. J. Thompson
Helioseismic Studies With Multi-wavelength Data From HMI And AIA Onboard SDO
F. Hill, K. Jain, S. Tripathy, S. Kholikov, R. Howe, I. González Hernández, J. Leibacher, F. Baudin, M. Carlsson, W. Chaplin, T. Tarbell
AIA Observations of Sunspot Waves
J. Leibacher, E. Soubrié, F. Auchère, F. Baudin
Solar Cycle Variation of Ca II 854.2 nm Bisectors Solar Cycle Variation of Ca II 854.2 nm Bisectors
A. Pietarila, W. Livingston
Magnetic flux change and cancellation associated with X- and M-class flares
O. Burtseva, G. Petrie
Abrupt Longitudinal Magnetic Field Changes During a Flare Observed by HMI and GONG
G. Petrie, J. J. Sudol, J. W. Harvey
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