GONG high-resolution magnetogram day

LE, TD, BB, ML contributed to this series of images. The grey scale is linear and maps pixels values of -800 to black and +800 to white. The calibrated (1/minute, 'bzi' images) magnetograms were apodized with a mask that was tapered from 0.949 to 0.975 of the radius and 0.0 beyond 0.975. The apodized magnetograms and the masks were registered onto a 1440x720 Carrington grid. The registered magnetograms and masks were longitudinally, cyclically shifted to the center of grid and the grid reduced to 720x720 pixels. Statistics were computed from the registered magnetograms: mean, standard deviation, and correlation coefficent with the previous image from the same site. Images with correction coefficients less than or equal to 0.90 were discarded. Contemporaneous images and masks were merged (equal weights). The merged images and masks were filtered with a tapered Gaussian and resampled to a 5-minute cadence.

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