Workshop #8

Palo Alto

January 25, 2005

LoHCo Meeting   --  Stanford, HEPL conference room, Tuesday, Jan 25  
                        --  Draft Agenda --

                        9:00 am - 5:30 pm

 9:00  Opening remarks

1.  General Comparisons

 9:05  Haber            Comparison of MDI-GONG results using MDI processing

 9:25  Gonzalez Hernandez       Comparing big and standard ring diagrams
        (presented by Hill) 

 9:45  Hill             Projection: geometry and other hazards  

10:05  Tripathy         Comparison of intensity and velocity ring diagrams

        Coffee break    10:25 - 10:40

2.  Everybody has analyzed AR 10486.  Do we see the same active region? 
Big active regions during the declining phase of the cycle make good 
targets for a comparison of data and methods on spatial and temporal 
scales smaller than a Carrington rotation.    

10:40  Kosovichev       Time-distance results of AR486 and AR488.

11:00  Zhao             Comparison of time-distance and holography results 
                        for AR 9026 and AR 9033

11:20  Donea            Seismic emission from flares
        (presented by Lindsey)

11:40  Komm             Kinetic helicity and flares

        Lunch break:    noon - 1:00

3.  More General Comparisons

 1:00  Rhodes, Rose     Status of MWO 60Foot data

 1:20  Bogart           MDI - MWO ring-diagram comparison.

 1:40  Braun            Progress report on local helioseismic influences 
                        of surface magnetism

 2:00  Howe             Mode-parameter variations; an update

        Coffee break    2:20 - 2:30

4.  Artificial Data

Progress report on the modeling of artificial data for local helioseismology

 2:30  Mansour          Artificial data at NASA/Ames and Stanford

 2:50  Werne            Artificial Data at CORA

 3:10  Birch, Lindsey   Reconstructed waves from an artificial source

        Coffee break    3:30 - 3:40

5.  More General Comparisons

 3:40  Kholikov         Meridional flow measurements from GONG

 4:00  Serebryanskiy    Time-distance measurements of the solar diameter

 4:20  Duvall           Direct Measurements of F-mode kernels

 4:40  Rajaguru         An improved understanding of 'masking' by sunspots 
                        + MDI-GONG comparison of sound speeds from 

6.  What to present at the SPD Meeting?

Remember: The SPD Meeting will be held with the AGU and 
the abstract deadline is early.

THE 2005 JOINT ASSEMBLY, a partnership between AGU, SEG, NABS 
and SPD/AAS, is being held 23-27 May 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Electronic Abstract Deadline - 10 February 2359 UT
A First Author may submit more than one contributed abstract.  

7.  Publications?

A ring-diagram time-distance comparison paper has been published.
What needs to be done to write an MDI-GONG ring-diagram comparison paper? 
What other comparison papers should be written?  










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